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About Us 


Hi I'm Cornell,
I'm a a medical doctor board certified in Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine and Geriatric Medicine
I have been actively and non-stop practicing all of my specialities for the past 20+ years .
Since March 2020 I've been on the front lines in the ER fighting Covid19.  I know what it takes to be safe, I know what works and and most importantly what doesn't work. MERIT MASK is the ONLY mask I use every day. 

Cornell Calinescu MD



Hi I'm Elena,
I've spent the past 13 years on the front lines of emergency medicine, working for several Emergency departments and ambulance services. As a registered nurse, I'm involved with direct patient care, spending  continuous hours caring for a critical patients, fully knowing the potential for my own exposure to this deadly virus. Having observed how fragile life is, I knew I wanted to do my part in creating Merit Mask so that people will be protected, on both sides of the hospital walls. Merit Mask is the product I trust with my health, as well as my patients and my family's. Merit Mask is  designed because no one should have to compromise their comfort in fear for safety. 

Elena Johnson RN, BSN, EMS-RN



I'm  Patrick. I am a certified nurse practitioner in family practice and emergency medicine.
For the past 18 years I've been exclusively working in emergency medicine. Working in such  an environment  comes with its own set of stressors and challenges, but nothing has compared to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Working on the front lines, I have witnessed first hand how unprepared we have all been  in particular with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

Masks are THE essential component of PPE and prevention. The majority of health care facilities are unable to provide employees the appropriate masks required to safely perform their jobs; and the community at large, is left with a litany of make shift, uncertified, unfiltered mask options, which are suboptimal, unsafe and dangerous to say the least.   

Covid’s virulence and ability to cause death and morbidity is frightening. 

A mask is your best and only option at keeping safe. 

Therefore, we’ve designed a Merit Mask to  provide healthcare personnel, and the community at large,  the best mask option in the prevention of COVID-19 and other, similar communicable disease such as the flu. 

Allow our family to become part of yours, so that we all may safely go forward in life .

Patrick Free FNP-C; ENP-C

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